Why Yellow Tree

Why Yellow Tree?

Yellow Tree Executive Search has over 20 years of experience as both a Retained Executive Search & Mutually Committed Search Partner across the U.S.. We have been recognized by several business magazines as one of the best Executive Recruiting firms in the United States in 2021, 2022, & 2023.

Yellow Tree has always kept one thing a top priority — “a core focus on our customers.” The Partner you meet with at Yellow Tree does the work. With a bigger firms, you often meet a Partner, only to have your search handled by a Junior Associate. This is not only in research but in many important stages including candidate communication. We work primarily with high-growth small to well-known National Technology Consulting firms.

With Yellow Tree, each client and every assignment is especially important to us. The Yellow Tree difference is “you’re our #1 priority.” The Yellow Tree Partner you meet with performs the execution and will assure your satisfaction.

In addition, due to our size, we have relatively wide open hunting grounds. We are not constrained by off-limits requirements in the way that some of our larger competitors are. Our experience gives us access to the resources and provides the reach of some bigger firms, yet allows us to remain agile and “highly accountable” to our clients.

Every Search is Different

Every search at Yellow Tree begins with new and fresh research utilizing the best Next Generation sourcing and search technology. Every client and need is different. Every search we perform draws on our experience and networks – and is built on a uniquely constructed search plan. The perfect candidate is often found in unexpected places.

We will personally consult with you to fully understand the search assignment.

  • We’ll create and implement the strategy for pulling in candidates. We’ll also….
  • Assist in writing the role profile, if needed
  • Draft the litmus test of key criteria which will be used to establish our “top candidate list”
  • Perform market research and identify target organizations
  • Interview and assess candidates
  • Prepare and present the list of recommended candidates
  • Schedule and support the interview process as agreed upon
  • Brief and debrief candidates, assist you in locating your “top candidates,” as well as, help with selection and offer negotiation

The Yellow Tree difference is a combination of all of the above, but in the end, the real difference is “you are our #1 priority.” You will have access to your Yellow Tree Partner whenever needed — early morning, during work day, or late at night.